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Pluto has finally arrived...

... and holy frack it's […]

A Re-Wilder Future

Rewilding Britain just launched it's new/first website, which I'm far too excited by. Philosophical fanboyism aside, I really like the web design they've created. Plenty of green; stunning […]

Soon I'll be... eaten?

Probably not, but I'm definitely caught in a web. Web traffic interests me, it turns up weird stuff. I don't get many pageviews, but largely they originate in other countries, with pretty strange […]

How much is 100?

100 words should not be a hard concept. I mastered counting to 100 at least a decade ago. Yet, I have absolutely no idea whether any of my "100 words" contain 100 […]

An ounce of hope

On Thursday, I attended a talk from George Monbiot, given at Ways With Words, Dartington Hall. I enjoyed it immensely, which isn't surprising. I've been a fan of Monbiot's pet philosophy, […]

The Raw Web Diet

I should probably mention why this site is so, well, bare. Basically, I like the idea of starting with a blank slate, evolving the site over time, allowing it to build itself. I think it'll be a lot […]

A Sisyphean task?

When does play become work? Personally, I definitely empathise with Sisyphus in relation to modern media. Whether it be video games, books, TV or even my RSS feed, as soon as I get close to […]

Ground rules.

100 words for 100 days: that is my challenge! Well, sort of. In reality, though I like the 100 word restriction, I'm not so sure about it as a […]

100 x 100

100 words a day, for 100 days. That's the challenge that Jeremy Keith has just completed, inspiring my own […]

One Small Leap

Yesterday, I implied that this site was ugly by design. See, my retreat from web development wasn't due to lack of time, nor waning interest. My love of coding, designing and experimenting with the […]

A Big Deal?

So for the first time in nearly seven years I officially have a website. An extremely ugly website, admittedly, but that is largely by design – honest! Regardless, it's definitely a website and, […]

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