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Do you want me to pirate?

I've just purchased the second season of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and writing that sentence makes me angry. To be clear, I love the show but I hate that I bought it through […]

To subscribe or not to subscribe?

Surely I'm not alone in wanting YouTube playlist […]

Failing the crowd

Earlier this year I hit the crowd-funding sweet spot: interesting campaigns coincided with disposable income. This had never happened before. I backed two projects, one Kickstarter and one IndieGoGo. […]

Tech Tip #1

I've had three Xperia Z3's this year (which I've loved). The first blew out the headphone socket, so minor movements paused music (grr). The second was skewered on a surprisingly angular bollard in […]

The fine line

I get the concept of the "con exclusive trailer". It creates hype, gets you the headline slot, builds an audience. But it's also […]

Pluto has finally arrived...

... and holy frack it's […]

A Re-Wilder Future

Rewilding Britain just launched it's new/first website, which I'm far too excited by. Philosophical fanboyism aside, I really like the web design they've created. Plenty of green; stunning […]

Soon I'll be... eaten?

Probably not, but I'm definitely caught in a web. Web traffic interests me, it turns up weird stuff. I don't get many pageviews, but largely they originate in other countries, with pretty strange […]

How much is 100?

100 words should not be a hard concept. I mastered counting to 100 at least a decade ago. Yet, I have absolutely no idea whether any of my "100 words" contain 100 […]

An ounce of hope

On Thursday, I attended a talk from George Monbiot, given at Ways With Words, Dartington Hall. I enjoyed it immensely, which isn't surprising. I've been a fan of Monbiot's pet philosophy, […]

The Raw Web Diet

I should probably mention why this site is so, well, bare. Basically, I like the idea of starting with a blank slate, evolving the site over time, allowing it to build itself. I think it'll be a lot […]

A Sisyphean task?

When does play become work? Personally, I definitely empathise with Sisyphus in relation to modern media. Whether it be video games, books, TV or even my RSS feed, as soon as I get close to […]

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