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How Do I Join Hell's Anthropologists?

Science Gang Tattoos by Tom Gauld, created for New […]

The Most Dangerous Way to Write

I have no idea how useful this little web-app may actually turn out to be, but it's definitely a neat idea (and I wrote all of this in it too!). "The Most Dangerous Writing App" is certainly an odd […]

Time Sinks and Indie Thoughts

I've just noticed that it's been over a week since my last post. In and of itself, that isn't an issue. There are no schedules here; I have no binding commitments to theAdhocracy. Entire months or […]

Month in Media: April 2016

Month in media is an archived project, now with a permanent home in the Reviews section. Films, TV shows, books, video games, and other media watched, read, or played in April 2016.

Marc van Roosmalen: Adventurer Extraordinaire!

Have you ever heard of Marc van Roosmalen? No, I hadn't either - although that is slightly less surprising for you, unless you also have a degree with a heavy focus on primatology. So who is this […]

Microsculpture aka Beautiful Bugs

Privacy Badger has replaced this Vimeo button.Allow […]

Apple vs PC: Lightroom Benchtests

Just stumbled onto a recent analysis of the current generation, top end iMac (2016) and an equivalent cost (~$4,000) custom built PC, pitched head-to-head in a selection of Lightroom tasks such as […]

Micropubawhoozits! Am I right?!

I'd really love to get micropublishing up and running on theAdhocracy. I've recently started dabbling in Flickr and it would be great to upload here and automatically have my photo's fired over […]

Earth Day Octo-Doodle

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" […]

Monthly Media: Coming Soon

Last month I wrote up a post detailing the films I'd seen in March. When I initially started blogging again last year I had hoped that mini-reviews and similar content would become a mainstay, […]

March Films - From Deadpool to Walter Mitty. ✔

So we've ended up going on a bit of a catchup bender over the weekend (and past week) due to the atrocious weather and intermittent plans. As a result, I've caught up a weird mixture of films that […]

Logitech Z4 Speakers and The Weird-Ass Problem

So I've owned a set of Logitech z4 2.1 desk speakers for about five years now, ever since a good friend of mine effectively gave them to me because they couldn't fit in his car. They remain one of […]

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