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March Films - From Deadpool to Walter Mitty. ✔

So we've ended up going on a bit of a catchup bender over the weekend (and past week) due to the atrocious weather and intermittent plans. As a result, I've caught up a weird mixture of films that […]

Logitech Z4 Speakers and The Weird-Ass Problem

So I've owned a set of Logitech z4 2.1 desk speakers for about five years now, ever since a good friend of mine effectively gave them to me because they couldn't fit in his car. They remain one of […]

The Anxiety Problem

Chances are that if, like me, you are interested in web design (or just design work in general) you probably already know about A List Apart, the amazing blog that has been a source of industry […]

Cosmic Sans: The New Greatest Font!

April Fools has been a bit bland this year. Google's far too literal mic drop aside, most have been played out reruns of previous gags or distinctly predicable. The US has gone in for the election, […]

Cube Food

Created by design studio Lernert & Sander, I'm a big find of this recent "viral" piece of art-meets-food-porn. The concept is a simple one, executed perfectly and arranged with the precision […]

Hidden Logins: Why oh why!

There's a trend amongst modern websites and web apps that is becoming increasingly irksome: hiding the damn "Login" button! If you require me to have an account to use your service (which makes […]

John Oliver's Back in the UK, Free and Legal!

I am a huge fan of the ever insightful talk show Last Week Tonight, hosted by John Oliver. I love the directness of the opinion pieces, agree with many of the stances taken and largely find the […]

2 Kinds of People

Occasionally, StumbleUpon truly comes through for me, providing a tiny internet gem that I'm certain I'd have never found otherwise. Today, that accolade goes to 2 Kinds of People, the type of […]

Toshl Finance

Toshl is one of those weird little apps that, on paper, appear extremely useful but which I've never quite clicked with. On at least three separate occasions over the past year I've signed up for a […]

Judging Time

Time, and specifically timing, is a very hard thing to judge and something which is largely overlooked in our day-to-day lives. That's probably fine for common household chores, such as […]

Edge of Frustration

For about two years now I've become increasingly annoyed at my PC screen. The left-most edge has been "clipped", missing about 2mm across all programs. I'm not sure when the issue first occurred, I […]

Make Me Pulse

Occasionally, Stumbleupon delivers something totally unexpected and awesome. It's why I still get the service's weekly emails years after ever actively using the... app? Extension? Whatever, today it […]

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