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I’m not sure why this feature is as deeply hidden as it is, but despite what most people think you can see your recent watchlist on Amazon’s Prime Video service. It’s a feature I use quite a bit to ensure that my Trakt and MiM records are correct, but I often find myself having to Google where to go. So, as much for my own records as anything else, if you want to see what you’ve been watching recently then follow these steps:

  1. Go to Your Account
  2. Scroll to the very bottom to Improve Your Recommendations
  3. Choose Videos You’ve Watched on the left hand side menu

Et voilá! You have a full list of everything you’ve ever watched through on the service. You may even be able to skip out the above steps by clicking this link instead. Thanks to Lee Turner on Quora for pointing me in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “Recently Watched on Amazon Prime”

  1. Amazon is a multi-gagillion dollar company. Yet their interface sucks balls. How are you able to ship anything anywhere in 2 days, but you can’t put a user-friendly way to continue watching show. This is beyond ludicrous to me. Just copy netflix, (or any other media viewing platform.) How in the world does something like this get overlooked?

    1. You’re so right. Someone fell asleep during the planning and was too lazy to do research even if he couldn’t think of it himself. Not only that they obviously aren’t listening to the feedback they’ve been getting because im sure people have been complaining about it ever since they started offering streaming.

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